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Dyslexic Love is a Retro-Rock Band fronted by Singer/Songwriter Tim Bertulli. It's all about guitars, guitars, guitars. If you like(ed) any of Boston, BTO, Frampton, Sammy Hagar, KISS, April Wine, or The Allman Brothers, then this is a must-listen for you.

There are no hits here. This is Album Oriented Rock ( AOR ). Melodic, yet edgy enough to keep the Marshall Cops happy! Dyslexic Love is a basement/garage band all the way - You can smell the empty pizza boxes and beer cans from here!

Listen To The Single "What Are We Waitin' For" From The 2010 Release "Closet Rock"
Listen To The Single "Dyslexic Love" From The Self-Titled 2006 Release

Dyslexic Love is the "other" side of Singer/Songwriter Tim Bertulli. Tim shelved so many rock tunes over the years that he felt it was about time to release some of them. So head to the Tunes Page to check some tunes out.

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